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One of our top priorities is empowering players, coaches, officials, league directors, tournament directors and other “racquetball champions” to help us create a strong and vibrant racquetball community.


Coach Development
The Association offers coaching workshops to increase the number of beginner programs in Alberta! Check back here for upcoming programs


Junior Development
Helping juniors develop their full potential on the court and beyond is an important component of our Strategic Plan. We recognize that many of our juniors will continue to play racquetball as adults and will help us grow the sport by becoming our future
“racquetball champions”. For information about the ARA's Junior Programs, please contact our Director of Sports Development



Challenge Ladders
We are currently testing a new online challenge ladder in the Edmonton area. This is a city wide challenge ladder and is open to men, women and juniors (12 years and over) of all skill levels. Joining the Edmonton Interclub Challenge ladder through the R2 Sports online system will allow you to contact opponents, schedule matches, record results and see your ladder standing. Registration is FREE for Alberta Racquetball Association (ARA) members. And you must be a member in good standing with the ARA to join. Since this is a new program and we have plans to roll it out across the province, please call Alejandro Morales at 403-744-5229 or email if you find any glitches or have difficulty using the challenge ladder.

How to join the challenge ladder:

  1. Follow this direct link to the Edmonton Interclub Challenge Ladder or go to Select Event Search in the top right corner. Search Sport: Racquetball; Event Type: Challenge Ladder; Country: Canada. Then select: Edmonton Interclub
  2. Enter your user ID and password. Please note: if you have been an ARA member at any time during the past five years you should have a profile in the system. If you don't know your user ID or password please request a new one. Follow the link on the R2 site, find your name and reset your password. R2 Sports will send you an email. When you have received the confirmation email please return to and register.
  3. Select Divisions to enter. ie Men's Open/A, Men's B/C, Men's Recreational, Women's, Juniors

Please note: If you need help registering, please call our office at 403-744-5229 or email to reset your user name and password and/or complete the registration process for you.

How the challenge ladder works:

  1. Follow this direct link to the Edmonton Interclub Challenge Ladder or go to and search for the Edmonton Interclub Challenge ladder. (Select Event Search in the top right corner. Search Sport: Racquetball; Event Type: Challenge Ladder; Country: Canada. Then select: Edmonton Interclub Select Challenge at the top of the page).
  2. Select Challenge at the top of the page. Login and send a request to your opponent.
  3. R2 sports will send an email to your opponent. When your opponent accepts the challenge you can call and book a court or play during your normal league time.
  4. Meet your opponent and play. You have the option of playing a match (two games to 15 and a tiebreaker to 11) or a single game to 15 points whichever you and your opponent agree to.
  5. After you play the match/game the winner will enter the results by following the email link sent by R2 Sports to report the score. (It's the win that counts not the score so don't get upset if someone puts in the wrong score by a point or two).
  6. R2 sports will display the scores, add them to your profile and move you up or down on the ladder.

Please note: you should be able to submit multiple challenges. This is a new program and has a few glitches so please let our office know at 403-744-5229 or email if you find anything we need to fix.  We appreciate your help!

Racquetball Leagues
Joining a league offers you an opportunity to have fun, improve your racquetball skills and meet new players for friendly competition. League games are generally played according to the Official Rules of Racquetball Canada however, the league director may implement a ‘handi-cap’ system so that players of different skill levels can play together. To join a league, please contact the league director directly.

Fish Creek Athletic Club
#1 - 259 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, AB T2X 3J7

(403) 256-1766

Thorncliff Rec Centre
5600 Centre Street N
Calgary, AB T2K 0T3
(403) 274-5574

Thorncliff Women's League
5600 Centre Street North
Calgary, AB T2K 0T3
(403) 274-5574

Kinsman Sports Centre
9100 Walterdale Hill
Edmonton, AB T6E 2V3

YMCA - Men's League
515 Stafford Drive South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 2L3

(403) 327-9622

Peace River
Peace Country Sports Club
9702 - 98 Street
Peace River, AB T8S 1J3

(780) 624-2464

Ponoka Recreation Complex
4310 - 54 Street
Ponoka, AB

(780) 783-0131

League Director
Brian Hatala

Sherwood Park
Glen Allan Racquetball League
199 Georgian Way
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 2W9

National Coaching Certification Program
The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program for all coaches in more than 60 sports. If you are interested in taking a coaching course to become a certified racquetball coach please call 403-744-5229 or email

Officiating Certification Program
There are five levels in the Racquetball Canada ("RC") officiating certification program. The first step is to be certified as Tech A. This will enable you to referee matches at a sanctioned tournament. A clinic held by a Level 2 or higher referee which covers basic rules and situational analysis will qualify you as Tech A. There is a written exam which must be successfully completed to pass Tech B. The next step is Level 1. This requires completion of a written exam and also displaying a basic level of proficiency while officiating in a sanctioned tournament. Level 2 is achieved by passing the RC level 2 written test which includes knowledge of rules, visual analysis and interpretation of rule application as it pertains to court situations. The emphasis is on game situations, as proper interpretation of the rules is critical. The individual must also achieve a passing grade by refereeing a minimum of two open-level doubles matches and two open-level singles matches. They are observed by two Level 3 referees who use an evaluation form to assess rule knowledge, procedures and rule application. The final step is Level 3 Certification. The accredited Level 2 referee has a one year waiting period in which they practice their skills in sanctioned tournaments. They are then observed by two Level 3 referees, in two open-level doubles matches and two open-level singles matches. Upon passing they will be certified as Level 3 referees.

Racquetball Practice Program
The Racquetball Practice Program videos have received more than 100,000 hits on youtube and have been described as the best racquetball instructional videos on youtube. Developed here in Alberta by Barbara May and Kris Odegard, the program clearly demonstrates the drills and skills required to successfully practice and improve your game.


Alberta Racquetball
#520, 919 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB, T2E 2P6



Feb 1-3/19

Racquetball Canada Select #2 Event
Eastlink Centre
Grande Prairie, AB

March 22-24/19
Alberta Racquetball Provincial Championships
Glen Allen Centre
Sherwood Park, AB
Alberta Racquetball